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Student Leadership

The Role of the students in the life of the school is vital, if we are to become a thriving and high performing school which speaks for all its students.

There is a range of opportunities for students to contribute to the wellbeing and development of the school at all stages of their education. Students will be encouraged to contribute formally and informally in a number of ways, these include leadership, house and council groups which run as a democratic structure.

All roles within the student leadership groups will be democratically chosen by students.

• To offer a range of roles and responsibilities to the students
• To promote active citizenship by establishing functioning democratic bodies with real influence.
• To develop staff: student dialogue, especially around issues that concern and impact upon the students at Wightwick.
• To deepen student engagement, through team challenge and discussion
• To contribute to whole school improvement.

Leadership promotes:
• Effective Listening
• Positive Relationships
• Teamwork through discussion, challenges and debate
• Commitments and Trust
• Confidence
• Resilience
• Problem solving
• Enthusiasm
• Individual skills and qualities