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Sixth Form

Welcome to the 6th form

Students within the 6th form can achieve qualifications over one, two or three years which range from EL1 to GCSE qualifications.

We offer a curriculum, of both academic and vocational subjects, supporting every student to achieve a profile of qualifications and life skills they need for their future and ensuring that they are ready to make the transition to the next phase of their lives.

We provide opportunities for each student to achieve success and grow in self- esteem.

We help each student have a realistic view of their own capabilities and to develop strategies for coping with their areas of difficulty.

We endeavour to prepare each pupil to take their place in the wider community as a responsible, law abiding member, with the skills and confidence to make choices to the best of their ability.

Students will develop the skills for life which will allow them to achieve the maximum independence possible.

British Values are embedded within the curriculum offered. This is not an exhaustive list;

Within democracy:

  • Students are encouraged to express their opinions
  • Debates are conducted about issues introduced through the curriculum
  • Within the Rule of law:
  • We instil in students an understanding of “right” or “wrong”
  • We talk about how conflicts in and out of school could be resolved and encourage students to think about how wrongs could be put right
  • Within Individual liberty:
  • We encourage the development of self-confidence and self-esteem in pupils
  • We help pupils understand the need for responsibilities as well as rights
  • Within Respect and Tolerance:
  • We discuss similarities and differences between people
  • We challenge stereotypes as well as any discriminatory behaviour