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House Groups

House System


At Wightwick Hall School the house system is designed to give students a strong sense of responsibility and belonging. As a school we believe that all students should understand the power of team work which we achieve through the house team system as it develops opportunities for year groups to work together, encourages students to support each other, increases community spirit and gives all students a sense of pride all whilst providing students with a range of additional activities to take part in. The house system also boosts the existing rewards system and encourages more students to get involved in competitions whilst developing leadership opportunities.



Every student that attends Wightwick Hall School is assigned to a house. There are 4 houses overall: Wonder, Simmons, Watson and Beckham, all named after celebrities with a disability linking in with the ethos of our school. Each house team is represented by 4 House Captains; this consists of students from KS3, KS4 and KS5. All staff members are also assigned to a house. Students are given opportunities to earn points towards their House Team. We host a variety of monthly competitions throughout the school year to exercise enjoyment of friendly competition; from pumpkin carving and pancake racing to photography and sports challenges; giving students the opportunity to develop new hobbies and interests. Our annual Sports Day is also a time where House pride is at its highest, with both staff and students striving to be the best. Another key aim of our House system is the opportunity to raise money for chosen charities. This year we are looking forward to taking part in Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

At the end of the academic year the total of house points are added up and the winning house gets the House cup trophy.